What's New For SignMaster V5

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Plugins & Modules

Create Cut Contour  improved

The Create Cut-Contour module now easily traces very huge and complicated images by creating an outline around effects, photos, objects, shapes, and text, among other things!

ImageCut  New

Transform colour or monochrome photos and graphics into cuttable artwork that, from a distance, resembles a photo!

Perimeter Measuring Module  New

Calculates the perimeter of a chosen vector object or piece of text. The length of the material (aluminium, plastic, metal, etc.) needed to create extruded letters or forms can be calculated with this tool.

QR Code Maker  New

Create your own QR codes that may be utilised for a variety of things, including a website connection.

Rhinestone Module  New

The Rhinestone module enables you to design an outside path and/or fill a shape or text with a variety of fill styles (patterns) that can then be cut out and used as a stencil.

Stencil / Bridge Module  New

enables you to change artwork so that the holes stay in place

Image Nesting  New

When generating a cutting contour, there is now an option to automatically build a clipping path around photos (allowing nesting of images with opaque backgrounds, obscuring the sections outside the cut line) so they can overlap and conserve material.


Create Line Tool  New

With the help of an auto-join tool, create exactly horizontal and vertical lines, inclusive of any angle. Ideal for producing geometric patterns and fold lines

Curve & Shaping Tools

Bezier Curves  New

Because the curve is entirely contained within the convex hull of its control points, bezier curves are simple to create and edit in real time. This implies that practically any shape may be easily created by manipulating the curve intuitively!


Import PDF Extended  New

1. A fresh import Assigning cutting tools fast in PDF (such as Cut Contour, Fold Contours, etc.) and bringing in artwork in relation to the page it was developed on

Drag & Drop  New

the ability to simultaneously drag & drop multiple image files into the design

Vinyl Cutting

Contour Cutting Presets  New

Added cutting tools and shapes, ability to make fold lines and perforation cuts

Cut Document Tools

Dimensions  new

On-screen dimensions in any units that automatically update with each Print Job

Edit Tools  New

Cutfile editing options, such as Automatic and Manual Align Marks, Chopping Guide with Overlap, Lift Marks, Speed-Weed, Group/Ungroup, Break Apart/Combine, Rotation, and Duplicate, are available to improve layout and cutting.

Preview (Preflight)  new

Dynamic preview of Cutfiles in relation to the Plotter/Vinyl Cutter (WYSIWYG)

Crop (Trim) Tools 

Trim Options (Trim from: Left, Right, Top and Bottom) to Position your Artwork precisely where you want it to cut out on the vinyl

Nesting  new

Reduces media waste by automatically grouping various print jobs into a single print queue that is ready to be quickly ripped or printed.

Merge Colors  New

Takes selected colors and merges these into one color for cutting

Tile Bleed (Overlap)  New

Suite of tools to manage overwide cut files and create an Overlap to deal with shrinking on site

Absolute Position  new

Forces the Cutfile to cut where it was positioned in the artwork

Step & Repeat (Copies)  New

Decide how many copies of each Cutfile you want.

Tile Box  New

places a cutline to aid in weeding where artwork has been overlapping.

Side-View Mode  New

Rotates the Cutfiles for much easier layout of long artwork

Auto Cut

Rotate, Size and Position  new

Set the media (vinyl) size along with the position of the artwork (Cutfile)

Vinyl Spooler

CCD Support  New

the capability of detecting CCD markings for artwork created using a different programme when the cutter driver is supported

QR Codes Support  New

Possibility of QR codes and barcodes scanning in the vinyl spooler (depending on driver support)

Perf-Cut  New

Automatic option for the vinyl spooler to produce perforated (dashed) cutting lines

Fold Lines  New

Capability to make double fold lines (for sharper fold lines)

16x Cut Passes  New

cutting passes up to 16 times (useful for laser cutters to cut wood or thicker materials)

ARMS Output  New

production of ARMS artwork in RGB/CMYK, TIF/TIFF, or JPG/JPEG formats

Vinyl Cutters

QR Codes  New

Where allowed by the cutter driver, support for QR and dual QR Codes allows loading the sheets either upright or conventionally.